Bryn Mawr, PA
Bluestone Communications recently completed the low voltage infrastructure installation of several telecommunications and life-safety systems within Main Line Health System’s new Bryn Mawr Hospital Patient Pavilion. The new pavilion is 256,000 square feet and houses twelve new operating rooms, critical care units, maternity, labor and delivery rooms, and a Level III neonatal care unit, among innovative private patient rooms. In the pavilion, Bluestone was tasked with installing the fiber and copper backbone cabling and interconnects between the existing hospital and each new IDF closet. Handling the construction of each new IDF and the installation of the horizontal cabling infrastructure for the voice, data and wireless access points throughout the new facility was also part of this project’s scope.  The telemetry and HUGS infant protection cabling, as well as the telemetry antenna devices, were also installed by Bluestone on this project. The telemetry system in this building is designed in a way that allows Main Line Health to perform continuous heart-monitoring in every patient room as needed. In addition to the network and hospital specialty systems, Bluestone also installed the security cabling for the pavilion.